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Wonderlite® Testimonials

"Having the Wonderlite has enabled me to grow orchids, tropical palms, banana trees, lemongrass and other culinary herbs with spectacular success. The growth rate is surprising and all my plants look healthy and lush."
V.D., Chicago, IL

"The Wonderlite has proven very successful in flowering all my orchids. Prior to using the Wonderlite, one or two plants in spike was thrilling. Now, it is commonplace to have as many as eight to ten plants in spike or ready to flower."
D. M., Canadensis, PA

"Prior to Wonderlite, I had difficulty blooming orchids. With it, I have great success, especially with paphiopedilums. I had prize-winning paphs in less than one year after buying paphs in 2 1/2" pots."
F.G., Greenville, SC

"In our 100 sq ft interior growing area, using four 160 watt Wonderlites, in a track 7' above our championship Cattleya orchid collection, we have achieved a blossoming extravaganza beyond all expectations!
The Ramsey Foundation, Champion Orchid Collection, Cooperstown, NY

"I highly recommend the Wonderlite. We are using them in a hotel lobby over ficus and grape ivy. The plants are thriving, and the lobby is gorgeous."
C.B. Jekyll Island, GA

"I'm a dedicated orchidist with about 350 plants of various varieties, including phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, dendrobium, cattleya and oncidium. The problem for me has always been having enough light during our New England winters. Your Wonderlite has done it for me! I started out with four and now have advanced to a set of 12 that flood my 14 x14' greenhouse with life-giving, bloom-producing, well, wonder-light. On sunny days, I turn them on at 6 am, turn them off around 10 am, and then on again from 4 pm until 7 pm. On cloudy days, I leave them on for 12-13 hours. The results are remarkable!"
G. D. Vineyard Haven, MA

"I have noticed great improvement in the growth, bloom size and number of flowers since I've been using the Wonderlite on my miniature orchids."
R. F., Chico, CA

"I use Wonderlites to supplement the light in my greenhouse for growing phalaenopsis orchids. I use the lights 10-12 hours a day from Oct through April. Plants have spiked and blooms are well sized since supplementing the light with Wonderlite."
C.S., North Wildwood, NJ

"I grow orchids in the basement under lights during the winter, and move them outdoors during the warmer months. Some of my orchids require higher light levels, and are tall (particularly those with flower spikes), so it is difficult to give them sufficient light with fluorescent bulbs. The Wonderlite makes it possible to position these plants that a greater distance than fluorescent bulbs and still maintain the required light levels.
E.F., Cinnamison, NJ

"I recently did a test on some orchid seedlings from the same parents. I placed some under a 400 watt AgroSun super bulb and some under Wonderlites. Results were the plants under the Wonderlites grew somewhat superior overall. Am waiting for spring blooming to compare flowering. The distance from the light source on both groups was 4'. All watering and fertilizing was the same to both groups."
R. D., Jamaica, NY

"I've had very good success getting camellia and gardenias to bloom indoors using the Wonderlite. They're fantastic!"
A.E., Columbus, OH

"I have orchids growing on a narrow windowsill. I purchased the Wonderlite because it's more convenient to use than other lighting systems. The improvement is very noticeable, both in terms of better growth and flowering."
R.W., Highland Park, IL

"I use two Wonderlites to provide supplemental lighting for a group of orchids in a large living room window. I love the convenience of the Wonderlite. A big light would have been too large, noisy and bright."
J.B., McKenney, VA

"I like the Wonderlite because it's less expensive and doesn't generate as much heat as larger lighting systems. I've got good, sturdy plants, and they bloom better."
J.S, Nixa, MO

"We have hundreds of orchids, as well as cactus, succulents and other tropical plants. I've had wonderful success using the Wonderlite. My hibiscus grew very fast!"
J.K. , Ham Lake, MN

"The whole step-up using the Wonderlite is like a display in my home. I purchased the Wonderlites because I could position them 2' from my dendrobiums and 4' from my phals. I'm very happy with the Wonderlite"

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