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Wonderlite® & Swivelier Fixtures
Wonderlite® is a wide spectrum orchid light that helps orchids thrive and bloom like never before! It promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering.

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sonnylight led grow light

SonnyLight™ LED Grow Gardens

Sonnylight is the world’s most technologically advanced LED grow system for indoor plants. This patent-pending system was engineered with the NASA technology used for growing plants in the international space station. Here’s how SonnyLight works:
*The 144 LED lights provide selected light wavelengths for 5 plant groups (Foliage plants and herbs, flowering plants, fruiting plants, edible leafy greens and seedlings) and 3 growth phases (germination, vegetative growth and flowering). For example blooming plants has increased red and orange wavelengths, vegetative growth gives a balance of blue, purple, red and orange wavelengths and germination provides increased purple and blue wavelengths and reduced reds. All this is preprogrammed into the unit – simply touch a button to make your selection or use the "Auto-Grow" function.

*A "day" counter tells you how long your plants have been in each growth phase

*Select "white light" to display your plants.

*A built-in timer that simulates sunrise and sunset and can be adjusted depending on the plants being grown. As in nature, the SonnyLight™ starts dim and reaches its maximum brightness about 15 minutes after coming on in the morning. At the end of the day, the light fades slowly to off.

*The energy efficient, 15 watt LED technology costs less than $15 a year when operated 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Countertop LED Grow Garden – Includes a stainless steel light (23" w x 14" d) with a large LED display that adjusts to 28" high, and a removable, heavy-duty plastic tray (21" l x 9.75" w x 2 ½" deep) in the base that allows you to place potted plants directly under the light.

Try the new SonnyLight™ Grow Garden today.

SonnyLight™ Countertop LED Grow Garden


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