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Wonderlite® & Swivelier Fixtures
Wonderlite® is a wide spectrum orchid light that helps orchids thrive and bloom like never before! It promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering.

Colored Watering Globes
Decorative, yet functional, our new Pastel Watering Globes are ideal for all types of houseplants or outdoor containers.

Pure Neem Oil, 8 oz.
We highly recommend Neem oil as a natural pest control for your orchids.

watering spikes

Add-A-Bottle Watering Spikes

The Add-A-Bottle Watering Spike makes it possible to water less often � great for vacation care, or pots in sunny places. Simply attach your own regular screw-type bottle (up to a half-gallon in size) to the Watering Spike insert and slide the insert into the spike; the bottle acts as a water reservoir. The Add-A-Bottle Watering Spike measures 5� long and tapers to a sharp point allowing you to insert the spike into existing planted pots with ease. Once the reservoir bottle is empty, simply lift the insert out of the stake and refill. The Watering Spike stays in the soil. Plant roots will grow around the Watering Spike and use water more efficiently. Sold in sets of 4.

Add-A-Bottle Watering Spikes

Price: $19.95