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Verilux® Fluorescent Bulbs
Verilux full spectrum bulbs offer high-quality daylight illumination for plants or people.

Wonderlite® & Swivelier Fixtures
Wonderlite® is a wide spectrum orchid light that helps orchids thrive and bloom like never before! It promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering.

HappyLite® 6000

Verilux Incandescent Bulbs

Verilux® Incandescent Bulbs

Verilux® daylight bulbs give you pure, color-balanced light similar to natural daylight. The whiter, brighter light allows you to see colors more accurately, while reducing eyestrain and fatigue, so it's perfect for reading, studying, and all types of detailed work. Verilux® bulbs have a rated life of 5000 hours. Bulbs are individually boxed and fit all standard lamp and flood/recessed light fixtures. These bulbs provide healthier light for people, pets and plants.

All Verilux® bulbs are frosted, except the 75w bulb which is clear.

Verilux Bulbs, 60w

Price: $8.95

Verilux Bulbs, 75w

Price: $8.95

Verilux Bulbs, 100w

Price: $8.95

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