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Verilux® Incandescent Bulbs
Verilux® daylight bulbs give you pure, color-balanced light similar to natural daylight.

Stretch 1-Tier Light Garden
Our Stretch 1-Tier Light Garden is ideal for orchids and other tall tropical plants because it extends to a full 36� tall. If you grow orchids or other plants outside in summer, the Stretch 1-Tier provides the perfect, well-lit winter home

T5 HO Fluorescent Fixture with bulb
Here’s an ideal solution for easy-to-install high-output (HO) T5 fluorescent strip lighting.

Verilux Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs

Verilux Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs

Verilux full spectrum bulbs offer high-quality daylight illumination for plants or people! We highly recommend these bulbs as the best full spectrum bulbs on the market. Matches natural light in both visible and ultraviolet spectrums. This no-glare light produces compact plants with longer-lasting blooms. Very suitable for orchids grown on light tables.

Healthier indoor light for people and pets, too. Artists prefer the accurate color matching provided by Verilux bulbs. Bird breeders use Verilux full spectrum bulbs for better bird health.

Verilux bulbs last up to 50% longer than standard fluorescent bulbs. 94.5 CRI, 6280 Kº, 2100 lumens, T12 bulbs, 3-year guarantee.

48" Verilux bulbs, 6 pack

Price: $99.95

24" Verilux® bulb

Price: $14.95

18" Verilux® bulb

Price: $14.95