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HappyLite® 10,000 lux

Verilux® Fluorescent Bulbs
Verilux full spectrum bulbs offer high-quality daylight illumination for plants or people.

Verilux® Incandescent Bulbs
Verilux® daylight bulbs give you pure, color-balanced light similar to natural daylight.

 Easy-Drain Humidity Tray

HappyLite® 6000

Healthy lighting is important. The new HappyLite 6000 is a sunshine supplementation system that provides 6000 lux of light to help people and plants (and pets!) get their daily dose of light. Bright, natural, white light helps activate your body�s natural mood enhancers and prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You can place the HappyLite on desks, by computers, or anywhere you require healthy lighting all day long. The super-bright, 36 watt bulb provides all the natural spectrum of light without any UV rays. The portable light measures 12� high x 5� wide at the base with a 7� long cord. A 3-way switch controls high or low light levels. 3 year warranty.

HappyLite® 6000

Price: $89.95