Hurry! Wonderlite Sale is Ending.

As orchid and tropical plant growers, we value the Wonderlite because our plants thrive and bloom like never before. Wonderlite promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering because of its unique spectral distribution that provides more than 90% of plants' light requirements in the blue, red and far-red spectrums to promote photosynthesis and flowering. The Wonderlite is a self-ballasted bulb that can be used in standard incandescent sockets. It's available in either a 160 watt or 300 watt. (Generally you position the 160 watt 2-2.5' above orchids. The 300 watt would be positioned about 4-4.5'.)

We also offer two high quality clamp-on Swivelier fixtures with patented spring-tension swivels that rotate a full 360°and angle 90°. It makes positioning the Wonderlite much easier. 12' grounded plug. UL listed. It clamps easily on a shelf, pole or rod.

Our fall sale on Wonderlites is coming to a close. Hurry! You can still take advantage of our $10 discount off the price of any bulb – up to a 20% savings. Sale ends Dec 31, 2007.

Take advantage of our $10 discount off the price of a Wonderlite bulb and keep your plants happy this winter!

Wonderlite, 160 watt reg. $49.95 Sale! $39.95
Wonderlite, 300 watt reg. $59.95 Sale! $49.95
Wonderlite and Swivelier, 160 watt reg $79.95 Sale! $74.95

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