Plant Light Gardens Sale, Indoor Light Gardens Sale

Plant Light Gardens Sale

Light gardens provide lots of space to grow and bloom plants. Good lighting is key for maximum plant health.
Hurry, sale ends Nov. 10, 2008.

New! Stretch 1-Tier Light Garden Verilux Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs Easy Drain Humidity Tray
Our Stretch 1-Tier Light Garden is ideal for orchids and other tall tropical plants because it extends to a full 36” tall. The 4-bulb light fixture raises and lowers easily on vertical slides and provides 2000 foot candles of light -- enough to grow and bloom plants year-round. 4 Gro-Lux wide spectrum bulbs are included. Plants sit in a rigid, waterproof, fiberglass tray measuring 49" long x 20" wide x 1.5" deep. Assembles easily. 1-year guarantee. Made in USA. These bulbs offer high-quality illumination for plants or people. They’re the best fluorescent bulb for orchids grown in light gardens. Verilux bulbs last up to 50% longer than standard fluorescent bulbs. 94.5 CRI, 6280K, 2100 lumens, T12 bulbs, 3 year guarantee. Make plant care easy with our Easy Drain Tray. The sturdy, injection-molded polymer tray has built-in ridges in the base of the tray to collect water that evaporates and provides plants with much needed humidity. Trays are topped with removable lacquered wooden slats. Our innovative drainage system lets you remove excess water in the base of the tray by extending the 12" drainage hose to quickly drain the tray. Measures 26" l x 12" w x 2.5" deep.
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Herb Garden Plant Light Coir Chip Bricks Window Garden Plant Table
Grow herbs or other plants year-round in this slimly styled Plant Light. Crafted from hardwood and painted a light green with an herb motif on one side, this Light Garden adjusts to a maximum height of 23" tall. Two 18 watt plant spectrum fluorescent bulbs provide plants the wavelengths they need to grow and flower. A clear PVC liner makes the unit watertight and prevents leaks. Measures 29" long x 8.5" wide. One year warranty. Coir chips make a wonderful potting medium for orchids, bromeliads and other epiphyte plants. The natural coconut husk chips measure ¼" x ½" and are high in lignin so they last much longer than bark. Chips have a high water-holding capacity and release water evenly as the chips dry out. When hydrated, each brick makes more than a gallon of potting mix. Set of 2. Finally, a Table designed with plant growing in mind! This beautifully crafted, maple-stained hardwood table fits perfectly by sunny windows, atrium doors or other spots bathed in natural light. Two Easy Drain Humidity trays are inset flush in the upper and lower tiers of the table and are equipped with our innovative drainage system to remove excess water from the bottom of the trays. The lower tier of the Table has two 18-watt fluorescent tubes to bathe the plants in light. Measures 29" h x 32" w x 16.5" deep. Buy now before the price increase.
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