Verilux Bulbs on Sale

We’ve been fortunate to offer great prices on Verilux full spectrum fluorescent bulbs and Verilux “Truspectrum” incandescent and flood bulbs. These can be used for plant growing or healthier home lighting. Unfortunately we’ve had a large price increase that just went into effect. Take advantage of “last year’s prices” on Verilux bulbs. Hurry, sale ends Sept 14, 2007.
Verilux Incandescent and Flood Bulbs Verilux Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs
Verilux incandescent and flood bulbs give you pure, color-balanced light similar to natural daylight. The whiter, brighter light allows you to see colors more accurately, while reducing eyestrain and fatigue. Flood bulbs may be used to supplement light for plants. All TruSpectrum bulbs are frosted, except for the 75w incandescent bulbs that are clear. These bulbs offer high-quality illumination for plants or people. They’re the best fluorescent bulb for orchids grown in light gardens. Verilux bulbs last up to 50% longer than standard fluorescent bulbs. 94.5 CRI, 6280K, 2100 lumens, T12 bulbs, 3 year guarantee.
Reflector/Flood bulb, 75 watt Reg. $16.95 Sale! $14.95 48” Verilux bulbs, 6 pack Reg $79.95 Sale! $59.95
Save! 3 Flood Bulbs for $39.95
Reflector/Flood bulb, 75 watt Reg. $16.95 Sale! $14.95 24” Verilux bulb, Reg. $14.95 Sale! $12.00
TruSpectrum bulbs, 60 watt, set of 3, Reg. $24.95 Sale! $19.95
TruSpectrum bulbs, 100 watt, set of 3 Reg $24.95 Sale! $19.95 Verilux bulb and fixture Reg $39.95 Sale! $29.95
TruSpectrum bulbs, 75 watt, set of 3, Reg. $24.95 Sale! $19.95
TruSpectrum bulbs, 150 watt, set of 3, Reg. $24.95 Sale! $19.95 18” Verilux bulb, Reg. $14.95 Sale! $12.00
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Sale Ends September 14 th

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