Easy Plant Watering Sale

Now that warm weather is here, we need easy solutions to keep our plants watered during the hot, dry season. Here are 6 products to solve your watering problems at discounts up to 25%.
Hurry, sale ends June 27, 2008.

NEW! Blue Swirl Watering Globes NEW! Wine Bottle Watering Stakes Add-A-Bottle Watering Spikes
These new Blue Swirl Watering Globes are the top of the line in watering globes. The attractive clear glass globes are beautifully decorated with colorful blue swirls of art glass. These Watering Globes are ideal for all types of houseplants or outdoor containers. The base of the Water Globe is a “Smart Pottery" ceramic stake that releases water to the soil as plants need it. Each water globe holds 1 cup of water. Set of 3. Our 7.5" Wine Bottle Watering Stakes use recycled wine bottles as the water reservoir for your plants. This watering system is excellent for use in larger houseplants, outdoor window boxes or containers, or anywhere you need a reliable watering source for your plants. Simple to use, insert the 7.5" stake into the soil. Fill the wine bottle with water and insert into the stake. Wine Bottle Watering Stakes make it possible to water less often – great for vacation care, or pots in sunny places. Set of 4. Cut your watering chores in half by using our Add-A-Bottle Spikes. Simply attach your own regular screw-type bottle (up to half a gallon size) to the Watering Spike. The bottle acts as a water reservoir and the Watering Spike releases water to the soil as plants need it. Once the reservoir bottle is empty, simply lift the insert out of the stake and refill. The watering spike stays in the soil. Sold in sets of 4. (Bottle not included.)
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Clear Watering Globes Colored Watering Globes Easy Drain Humidity Tray
Make watering easy with our decorative, but functional, Watering Globes. Ideal for all types of plants or outdoor containers, each handblown, fluted clear glass globe holds 1.5 cups of water (usually a week’s worth depending on the size of the container). It’s easy to see the water level within the globe. Once it’s empty, remove the globe and refill. The ceramic stake stays in the pot. Set of 3 clear globes. These beautiful Colored Watering Globes accentuate any potted plant, and make watering easy. The base of the Water Globe is “Smart Pottery" ceramic that releases water to the soil as plants need it. The attractive, handblown, fluted glass globes hold 1.5 cups of water. Colored globes come in a set of pale green, pale blue and pale aqua. Set of 3. Make plant care easy with our Easy Drain Tray. The sturdy, injection-molded polymer tray has built-in ridges in the base of the tray to collect water that evaporates and provides plants with much needed humidity. Trays are topped with removable lacquered wooden slats. Our innovative drainage system lets you remove excess water in the base of the tray by extending the 12" drainage hose to drain the tray. Measures 26" l x 12" w x 2.5" deep.
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