Watering Globe Sale

With warm weather fast approaching, we need easy solutions to keep our plants watered during the dry season. Here are 6 products to help every gardener at discounts up to 25%.
Hurry, sale ends May 9, 2008.

Clear Watering Globes Colored Watering Globes Watering Stakes
Make watering easy with our decorative, but functional, Watering Globes. Ideal for all types of plants or outdoor containers, each handblown, fluted clear glass globe holds 1.5 cups of water (usually a week's worth depending on the size of the container). It's easy to see the water level within the globe. Once it's empty, remove the globe and refill. The ceramic stake stays in the pot. Set of 3 clear globes. These beautiful Colored Watering Globes accentuate any potted plant, and make watering easy. The base of the Water Globe is "Smart Pottery" ceramic that releases water to the soil as plants need it. The attractive, handblown, fluted glass globes hold 1.5 cups of water. Colored globes come in a set of pale green, pale blue and pale aqua. Made from "Smart Pottery" ceramic, Watering Stakes help plants stay healthy by releasing water into the soil as plants need it. Insert Watering Stakes into the soil on one or both sides of a plant. Fill the watering stake with water. 6.5" Watering Stakes are sold in a set of 4.
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Add-A-Bottle Watering Spikes Coir Chip Brick Planting Medium Pure Neem Oil
Cut your watering chores in half by using our Add-A-Bottle Spikes. Simply attach your own regular screw-type bottle (up to half a gallon size) to the Watering Spike. The bottle acts as a water reservoir and the Watering Spike releases water to the soil as plants need it. Once the reservoir bottle is empty, simply lift the insert out of the stake and refill. The watering spike stays in the soil. Sold in sets of 4. (Bottle not included.). Coir chips make a wonderful potting medium for orchids, bromeliads and other epiphyte plants. The natural coconut husk chips measure 1/4" x 1/2" and are high in lignin so they last longer than bark. The chips have a high water-holding capacity and release water evenly as the mix dries out. Each brick makes more than a gallon of potting mix. Sold as a set of 2 bricks. Warm weather also signals the beginning of the pest season. Neem oil has been used successfully as a natural control. Numerous tests have shown it to be effective as an insecticide, miticide, fungicide, nematicide and as an insect antifeedant and repellent. Neem oil is mixed with water and sprayed on all sides of the foliage and watered into the root zone. 8 oz concentrate.
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