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Pure Neem Oil
We highly recommend Neem oil as a natural pest control for your orchids.

K-L-N Rooting Concentrate

Coir Chip Bricks
Coir chips make a wonderful potting medium for orchids, bromeliads and other epiphyte plants.

Dyna Gro Fertilizer

DYNA-GRO Fertilizers

DYNA-GRO fertilizers are blended to supply all the known essential plant minerals in easy-to-use liquid formulas. Ordinary fertilizers supply only a portion of the minerals plants need for growth and bloom. Lacking essential minerals, plants are more susceptible to insects, disease, drought and other stresses, and they do not grow and bloom to their fullest potential. We're offering 3 formulations:

Grow 7-9-5. An excellent general purpose nutrient solution with 6 macronutrients and 10 essential trace elements that all plants need. This formula stimulates healthy leaf and stem growth. Low soluble salts and a slightly higher percentage of phosphorus make this a great year 'round orchid formula that you can use with every watering. 1 pint.

Bloom 3-12-6. A high phosphorus formula with 6 maconutrients and 10 trace elements. Use this formula to increase the size, color and number of blooms. Begin using Bloom when you want to initiate flowering. 1 pint.

Pro-TeKt 0-0-3. Supplies higher levels of potassium and silicon to build strong cell walls in plants. Stronger cell walls provide a protective barrier to sucking insects and invading fungi. Pro-teKt increases stem and leaf strength, improves photosynthesis and increases heat and drought tolerance. Use as a supplement to the other formulas. 1 quart.

DYNA GRO Grow 7-9-5, pint

Sale: $12.95

DYNA-GRO BLOOM 3-12-6, pint


DYNA-GRO PROTEKT 0-0-3, quart

Sale: $14.95

DYNA-GRO PROTEKT 0-0-3, 8 oz.

Sale: $7.95

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