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Wonderlite® & Swivelier Fixtures
Wonderlite® is a wide spectrum orchid light that helps orchids thrive and bloom like never before! It promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering.

SonnyLight™ LED Grow Gardens
SonnyLight™ is the world’s most technologically advanced LED grow system for indoor plants. We offer two convenient styles to meet your orchid-growing needs.

DYNA-GRO Fertilizers
DYNA-GRO fertilizers are blended to supply all the known essential plant minerals in easy-to-use liquid formulas.

Bend-It Light Fixture

Here's an ingenious lamp fixture for anyone searching for an easy way to use the Wonderlite. The Bend-It Light is a gooseneck fixture that screws into any lamp or socket rated for 150 watts. It's easy-to-use. Simply bend the gooseneck to direct the light. It's constructed of high-quality materials including a porcelain socket. UL listed. Rated for 150 watts. 12-14 inches long.

Bend-It Light Fixture

Price: $24.95
Sale: $12.95

Bend-It Light Fixture & 160W Wonderlite Bulb

Price: $74.90

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