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Verilux® Fluorescent Bulbs
Verilux full spectrum bulbs offer high-quality daylight illumination for plants or people.

Stretch 1-Tier Light Garden
If you put your orchids outside in the summer, and need a lighted location for them to spend the winter, look no further than our Stretch 1-Tier.

Window Garden PlantTable™
Finally, a handsome PlantTable™ designed for gardeners that beautifully integrates plants and furniture into your home!

Stretch 2-Tier Light Garden

Maximize your plant-growing space with our newly reintroduced Stretch 2-Tier Floralight. It’s ideal for orchids and other tropical plants since it provides 25” of headroom between shelves enough for tall, full-grown plants. It also provides 2000 foot candles of light per shelf – enough to grow and flower all types of plants year-round. Other features include:
*65” tall chrome steel frame with 2-tiers and 25” of headroom between each tier. *Vertical slides on each side of the frame make it easy to raise and lower the light fixtures.
*Two shelves that each hold approximately 8 sq ft of plants in 2 rigid, waterproof, polypropylene trays each measuring 20” x 24” x 1” deep.
*Two 48” 4-bulb light fixtures that provide plants with 2000 foot candles of light – enough for year-round flowering.
*Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility of the garden.
*Easy assembly.
*UL listed.
*1 year guarantee.
If your plants require only medium light intensity, use our Stretch 2-Tier Floralight with 2 bulbs per fixture. Special Note: Our new Stretch Floralights have black light fixtures instead of white as shown in the photo

The Floralight is currently unavailable. You might also enjoy our new Indoor Light Garden.

"The Stretch 2-Tier Floralight has been fantastic! I keep it on year-round, and use it primarily for orchids. The quality is excellent and I like how the light fixtures raise and lowers easily. I grow tall orchids on one shelf and shorter varieties on the other. My Floralight keeps the plants healthy, and I get good results in re-flowering. R.S. Rochester, MA