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Verilux® Fluorescent Bulbs
Verilux full spectrum bulbs offer high-quality daylight illumination for plants or people.

Stretch 2-Tier Light Garden
Maximize your orchid growing space with our Stretch 2-tier Light Garden. It's ideal for orchids and other tropical plants.

Stretch 1-Tier Floralight

Our Stretch 1-Tier Floralight is ideal for orchids and other tall tropical plants because it extends to a full 32” tall. If you grow orchids or other plants outside in summer, the Stretch 1-Tier provides the perfect, well-lit winter home. Features include:
*36” tall chrome steel frame provides the most vertical height of any light garden – a full 32”. (Most 1-tier light gardens are only 20”tall.)
*Vertical slides on each side of the frame raise and lower the light fixture easily.
*Two rigid, waterproof polypropylene trays measure 20” x 24” x 1” deep.
*48” 4-bulb fixture provides 2000 foot candles of light to grow and flower plants year-round. (If your plants only require medium light intensity, use our Stretch 1-Tier with 2- bulb fixture.)
*Assembles easily without tools.
*UL listed
*1 year guarantee.
*Note: Our new Stretch 1-Tier has a black light fixture instead white as shown in the photo.

The Floralight is currently unavailable. You might also enjoy our new Indoor Light Garden.